Meet The Sheltiepoo


The Sheltiepoo is affectionate, loyal and highly intelligent. Their warm demeanor and their awareness of their masters moods make them the perfect family companion. They love children and have a gentle way about them.  
If you’re looking for a puppy that can pull at your heart strings and make you smile every single day the Sheltipoo will happily volunteer. 

How Big Will My Puppy Get? 

Your puppy could range anywhere from 15lbs up to 25lbs.  Most however will range around 20lbs. 

Hair Type and Care

Your new Sheltiepoo’s hair will be shaggy and range from non shedding to medium shedding. We want prospective buyers to know that these little guys are going to need to be professionally groomed and brushed regularly. 


The lifespan of a well loved and cared for Sheltiepoo is anywhere from 12 to 17 years.