Puppy Application

All potential puppy parents must first fill out a puppy application. This is a short survey that helps us get to know you and to confirm that you’re a good fit for one of our Sheltiepoos

Puppy Reservation Fee

Once you have submitted your puppy application and we have contacted you to let you know you’ve been approved. You will need to submit a $300.00 non refundable but transferable reservation fee to place a hold on your spot in the choosing process. We will not accept deposits until puppies are born.  You may however ask to be put on the waiting list to be contacted when a litter arrives (see below). Once the puppies are 5 weeks old we will start with the beginning of the list deposit list and each person will be contacted to allow them to choose which puppy they would like. The deposit is transferable for up to 12 months from payment date. Don’t be afraid to ask us what puppy we think would do well with you and your family. We spend countless hours rearing these little guys and have a pretty good idea what unique personalities they contain. 

Waiting List

We only have a few litters a year. This is for the health of our dogs and to be responsible breeders. Due to this and the rarity of the breed there may be a waiting list for upcoming litters. Potential puppy purchasers are welcome to add their name to a waiting list for the next upcoming litter. When a litter becomes available each person on the list will be contacted, starting from those who requested first. Each person will be given a chance to put down a reservation fee .We will not accept payments until there is a current litter available. 

Final Payment & Puppy Purchase Agreement

Final payment (minus reservation fee) is due before or upon pickup of your puppy. You will also need to have printed and signed your puppy purchase agreement form and sent back before pickup. We accept checks up to a week before pickup. You may also use cash . We accept all major credits cards with a service charge of 2.6%. 

Visiting & Pickup

We know you’re anxiously waiting to hold that adorable puppy. With that in mind we want you to know that we have our puppies best interest at heart when we do not allow puppies to leave until 7 weeks of age. 
Due to the risk of spreading the deadly parvo virus we do not allow visitors until the puppies are 6 weeks of age and have had their 1st shots. We send and update weekly videos and pictures of your new puppy for you to enjoy.