Welcome to Marigold Farms!

We’re so glad you’re here and are thrilled that you would consider one of our precious pups as your new best friend. We take pride in raising health tested and utterly precious Sheltiepoo’s . We’re located in Nampa, Idaho. Our dogs are a huge part of our life. Camping, hiking,swimming and cuddling on the couch would not be the same without our “girls”. We’re looking for only the perfect homes for our puppies. 

                                  The Back History

You wont find a bigger heart for animals than Erin. She spends her days looking out for every creature big and small. From Lambs, baby squirrels, kittens, pigeons to pregnant foster dogs and every animal in between. Shes cared for them all. Ben, Erin’s husband grew up with very few family pets and Erin sought to remedy that as soon as they were married. He proved himself the best husband a women could ask for when Erin brought home an orphaned baby lamb at 6 in the morning into their bedroom and asked if she could rescue it. Rubbing his sleep filled eyes he nodded and said “what do we feed it?”. Since then they have worked together on a passion project that all started when they met a doodle. They loved the dogs spunky lighthearted personality that was perfect for a family. With their love of the
herding breeds intelligence and the down to earth spunk of a poodle together they created the perfect family pet. The Sheltiepoo. 

Health Testing 

We believe in making sure that our puppies have every advantage for a long and healthy life. We have genetic tested the parents for breed specific diseases. This allows us to make sure that your puppy will be free and clear of diseases that are spread through parentage.  Each puppy is sent home with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. Your puppy will make a trip to a licensed veterinarian for a health exam,vaccinations, and worming medicine. 

Puppy Culture

The first weeks of a puppies life are incredibly important for  his/her development and it is what ultimately impacts their entire life. This is why we choose to raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture method. A well rounded puppy is well rounded dog.  Each puppy is handled daily so that you can rest assured your puppy has every advantage for a long healthy life. 

Our Dogs


Fenley or “Fenley Bugs” as we affectionately call her is an AKC Shetland Sheepdog. Most people call them “Shelites”for short. Her unique coat color is called a CHW Sable Merle. A mouth full but don’t let that fool you . She is quite the character.  Fenley like most Shelties is incredibly loyal. She spends her days at our sides. Her favorite place is next to her humans.  She makes an excellent hiking budding. No boulder is too tall for this little mountain goat. Fenley is a loving mother who is very protective of her little ones. She is very gentle with children as well. Fenley weighs 25lbs.


Huckleberry is an AKC Shetland Sheepdog. Her coat color is called a tri.  This little 20 pound pup has such a playful heart.  She adores children and enjoys a good play date with our nieces and other little children. Just like Fenley she is always nearby ready to snuggle. She is known for her little happy prance and abundant kisses. She loves sneaking sips of coffee when we’re not looking and the finer foods in life. 


Although not part of our breeding program Penelope is still a huge part of our family and we just couldn’t leave her off this page. She is a Border Collie. She enjoys swimming with us and playing frisbee at all hours of the day. She loves trips to the Home Depot and meeting new people. She has such a sweet personality and is very gentle with puppies. She makes a great nanny.